About Us

Late Mr. Nagsi Shah established Shah Nanji Nagsi as a wholesale agricultural commodity trading business in the year 1919 in Nagpur, India. He established the company on the firm foundation of highest ethical standards of business practices.

Right from its inception till date, Honesty and Integrity has remained the integral part of all business activities. A traditional family business house covering a span of over 9 decades and a 4-generation family actively involved in operating for agricultural-commodities trading activity.

Today, the firm is headed by the founder's great-grandson, Ashwin Shah.

Shah Nanji Nagsi is a Trading House recognized by the Government of India. They deal in export and import of food grains, pulses, oil seeds, sugar and edible oil.

The business house is based in Nagpur, the geographical and communication center of India. The locational advantage has made Nagpur an important trade center of the country. The business has its main office and warehouses in Nagpur, Maharashtra. It also has warehouses in important port centers like Mumbai - Maharashtra, Mundra - Gujarat and Kolkata - West Bengal.

Our rice plant is accredited with ISO 22000 reconfirming our competence, capacity and capability of quality assurance and *USDA accredited* for export of non Basmati rice to USA.


Every employee is well-versed with company's ethics i.e. HONESTY AND QUALITY.


To become India's largest trading company of agricultural commodities by adhering to highest standards practices.


  • To provide highest quality of agricultural commodities that surpasses our customers' expectations.
  • To constantly analyse and improvise on our unique quality management techniques for our   customers' satisfaction.
  • To create an excellent network of distributors the world over.
  • To provide impeccable and transparent information to our customers to further strengthen their  trust in us.
  • To create a network of customers and suppliers who believe in our highest standard of business practices.
    • History

      The foundation stone for the success of Shah Nanji Nagsi Exports Pvt. Ltd was laid when the firm was established in 1919 by late Shri Nagsi Hirji Shah. The journey of the firm for a glorious success, established in Itawari, Nagpur had now started. The leadership of late Shri Nagsi Shah was perhaps most of the many auspicious thing happened to the company.

      After the death of Shri. Nagsi Hirji Shah, the firm grew from strength to strength under the stewardship of his three sons that helped the company achieve unprecedented heights of success late Nanji Nagsi Shah, late Premji Nagsi Shah, late Vasantji Nagsi Shah not just helped the company grow but also kept its integrity and business values intact.

      The reigns of the company were then taken over by Mr. Sudhir Nanji Shah - the third generation of Shah family. With him, he brought aggressive approach to the family business. It was his far sightedness that forayed the company into international trading. Mr. Sudhir Nanji Shah is currently the director of Shah Nanji Nagsi Exports Pvt. Ltd.

      The mantle has been passed on to Mr. Ashwin Shah- the fourth generation of Shah family. Being a M.B.A from Berkley, California, he brings a fresh approach to the business and thrives to flourish and maintain the same high standards of ethics in business practices that he has inherited. Mr. Ashwin Shah has truly taken Shah Nanji Nagsi Exports Pvt. Ltd to the pinnacle of success.